January 29, 2008

Worthless phone!

For those of you who don't know, I bought an iPhone. Yes, it was expensive, but it's so cool. I did manage to find something annoying/strange about it though. I got a picture message from a friend today, and it wouldn't display on my phone. Instead I got a text from AT&T telling me to go to a certain web site and put in to put in the name/password they gave me. Why can't my iPhone display it?! It's the coolest phone ever, yet I have to find a computer every time some sends me a picture message. Lame.

Anyway, here is the photo Gym sent me. For no reason. :)

In other news, I am headed to CO this weekend to see a play based on one of my favorite books, The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I'm pretty excited, since I know half the cast and I haven't been to CO since high school.

Current Tunes: Safety In Speed (heavy Metal) by P.O.S. featuring Craig Finn from The Hold Steady


  1. couldn't you use the internet on the phone to get the picture?

  2. yes, but the site isn't optimized for the iPhone so it is really cumbersome to use.

    It just seems stupid to me that my piece of crap phone can do it, yet a $400 phone cannot.