February 1, 2008

CO - part 1

This morning I got out of bed at quarter after five, so my father could drive me to the airport before going to work. That's way too damned early for anyone to be getting up.

We made a quick stop at a walmart (my parents are looking for a Wii) and arrived at the airport around half past six. I somehow managed to make it all the way through the line to security before realizing I was in the employee only line. They were nice enough to let me through but I still held up the line. As always, I forgot something in my bag (liquids). I had breakfast for the first time in months. Now I have over an hour wait for my flight. At least I'm headed west because it looks like there is a huge storm in Chi-town. I just picked up a copy of I Am Legend, and so far its pretty good.

Sorry I'm not writing more; its hard to type on this tiny phone.

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