February 2, 2008

CO - part 2

Yesterday was crazy. It turns out that when I got to Denver Airport, I didn't have a seat on the plane. They offered me a round-trip voucher if no seats opened up, and then I could have taken a bus. Turns out there was a seat but I was, yet again, the last person on the plane. Oh yeah, they changed the gate to my first flight without announcing it, yet there was another flight to Denver from the old gate. I was so confused.

So after I finally made it to Sarah's, she called me and I met her on campus for 2 different rehearsals. I took pictures for the latter (Perks) but they didn't come out very well. I had no idea how to use her camera, so the exposure was way too long due to the lack of light on stage. I think the camera was trying to compensate, but it just made most of the pictures blurry. Too bad Jim didn't make it out for that. I think they will be up on Facebook soon, most likely on Sarah's profile.

Then last night after a late dinner we headed out to a party. It was pretty cool and everyone was so nice. I also found out they have a couple of really good beers in Springs, which was good because Sarah was trying to get me drunk. After that we left to go to a rave. It was sweet. They did a good job with lighting and such. I met a few more people that I've known about for years but never met in person. Oh yeah! And I saw Sarah's friend Sarah, who lives in IA. Turns out she got hit by a van a few weeks after I met her! I still cannot believe it. She walking around with a cane (at a rave?!) but seems to be in really high spirits. We left the party pretty early and took the safe ride home (four whole whole blocks).

Red Dress by Motion City Soundtrack

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