March 30, 2008


Don't you hate it when you get a ton of new music from a friend only to find that you can't play it because it has digital rights management?! It's happened to me many times. I've also tried to share music with friends only to find that they can't play the songs either. But not anymore!

Enter doubleTwist. Although this nifty program has a ton of features, I really only use it for one thing: removing DRM from iTunes songs. And it works great! Just install it on your Windows PC (Mac version on the way), sync it with iTunes, and tell it to "liberate" your songs. It took just under 5 minutes a song on my computer, but I'm running XP on OSX, so that might really skew my results. Either way, that's worth it if you really want a song. I did notice 2 bad things about doubleTwist though: you must have iTunes, and the songs must be authorized to play on YOUR iTunes. That means that you can't strip the DRM off of a friends songs.

Bottom Line: If you hate DRM, doubleTwist can save your music.


  1. I am onto your Ben Folds CD, "Songs for Sarah". I think that is what it is called. I really really like song #5. I think it is called Gracie. It is beautiful.

  2. let me know when the mac version comes out.