March 18, 2008

Life is (mostly) good.

A lot of people think of blogs as virtual soapboxes, where bloggers complain about the world and life. I'll admit that I fall into that category sometimes. But today I would just like to say that life is good. I don't mean to brag or boast, but I wanted to make sure that I blog about the good things in life too.

My life lately has been great. Every weekend I've got something to do, and I get to see my friends all the time. It's not like my last semester at ISU. I've got a good job, and I'm no longer broke. My iPhone is awesome. LAst Saturday I got to be a delegate and vote on DFL stuff, plus run for Ashwin Madia. Though I live at home right now, I can play my drums anytime I want and I get free meals on a regular basis. I get to wear what I want to work. I will be buying a new car before summer starts (thank God). It's getting warm out again.

This past weekend my friend Ian and I went condo shopping and found two great ones in Uptown. If we get the one we want, we'll be only 4 blocks from Lake Calhoun and 5 blocks from the center of Uptown. That's definitely within stumbling distance. ;) I'm super excited!

Despite all that, I still feel like something is missing. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I really feel vaguely lonely all the time. At least I don't have no one, but all the girl(s) I want to date aren't even in the state. I'm looking to remedy this soon.

So there. I've done my part to show that the world doesn't suck.


P.S. I wanna know what you guys are excited about these days. Comment people!

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  1. I love the shoutout for Ashwin Madia. He seems like he could be a great congressman.

  2. Yeah, I saw him speak at that delegate thing I went to a month ago. Ian got me into him, because he actually met Ashwin and got to talk to him for a while.

    and if that doesn't do it for ya, his sister is really hot. :)