March 20, 2008

Splenda sucks balls

In other news, Splenda/Nutri-Sweet are gross. Companies need to stop putting them in everything and my parents need to stop buying products that contain these crappy sweeteners. They take all the fun out of the yummy juice I am drinking. I'm convinced that if I was to develop cancer of the mouth, this is what it would taste like.


  1. If you really think that's what relationships are like, why do you want one so badly? And if you really think that's what women are like, why are you even straight?

  2. first off, it was a joke. A satire of a boring/typical relationship. That's not what I want, though I see of in some of my friends.

    Secondly, feel free to question me. Just don't do it on my semi-public blog! Especially when you know I'm straight!

  3. "Some of your friends!?!?!" she says in an offended voice. As if Adley has ever been *normal.*

    But I suppose this is what people strive for, even if they don't realize it. They just go about life doing what society says they should do to feed their own ego.


  4. Sorry Ash. I should have been more specific. I know some people who act just like that, but have no clue. Adley isn't like that. Except I do hear about this puppy an awful lot.... :)

  5. . . . I said WHY are you straight, not ARE you straight.