March 17, 2008

What is your favorite curse word?

I found this video today, and it made me smile. The BBC asked a bunch of celebrities what their favorite curse word was. Mine, in case you were wondering, happens to be cunt (sometimes cunt-monkey).

I also found Natalie Portman's fav.

What is YOUR favorite?


  1. Dude! How can cunt be your favorite swear word. It's gross, vile, and almost never appropriate. You can never really jokingly call a woman a cunt and have her find it funny. Clearly, fuck is the best. It is so versatile and amusing yet can also be so dangerous.

  2. Now why in the world would I call someone a cunt?! And I would like to point out that calling someone any sort of f-word name would get a similar response. I just feel the f-bomb is overused and doesn't elicit the same surprise.