April 3, 2008

Brett Dennen - Desert Sunrise

Okay, I know very little about this kid. But this song is AMAZING! Everyone should download it for free at this website. It's great. I'm learning it on guitar right now.

And I've been waiting all this life
In the company of one
And I know I am young
But I don't want to be alone
If you could only just
Consider the two of us
And I know darling
I could be so good to you

Brett Dennen Desert Sunrise


  1. have you figured out how to learn the song on the guitar?

  2. Here's the best I found. It's pretty close, but there is a part missing that I still have no idea how to play.

    Brett Dennen Tab

    Let me know if you find the rest! :)

  3. Yeah that's what i've been using too, but i can't figure out how to play the part where he starts singing:

    I see you rising upon the horizon...

    I'm not sure if its the right chords and the rhythm of it