May 26, 2008

Memorial Weekend

I thought I would take a page out of John's book and write about my weekend/life.

This past weekend was awesome. On Friday night John made me dinner and we listened to music at his house. Then the next morning we headed to Uptown to roller blade around lake Calhoun. It was great weather for being outside. this week we tried a new path and found ourselves passing under the bus-bridge (Hennepin) in the center of Uptown. Afterward I felt great. My calves still hurt a little, but I can't complain about that.

Saturday night John had his party. It was a fairly quiet party. I guess most of John's friends were out of town for Memorial weekend, and none of our Chicago friends made it either. Of course, there was always John's friend John (I'll call him J for simplicity). I've met J once before at our party Sophomore year at ISU, but I didn't know much about him then. Luckily John filled me in a little before the party, because J had no problems talking about how he got a DWI the week before for smoking pot while driving. Or how the cop found a straw in his glove compartment, which tested negative for coke. But he hasn't had cocaine in 3 years (he was very proud of that). I just could not believe that a guy who graduated from Gustavus in 3.5 years (spent a semester in rehab) would be unemployed, and more or less useless. Otherwise, John's party was low key, but fun.

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  1. That's exactly how I would describe the party... lowkey but fun.