August 30, 2008

Oh yeah! I have a blog!

Okay kiddies. This blog is being shut down. Not forever, but for now. I've got better things to do. Plus, it's just so much easier to pass links straight to people via my "share on Facebook" bookmark. I used to use this blog as a way to procrastinate homework, but now I have a real job and bosses don't like it when you blog during work. And anyway, I wanna put out some music (which I'll post here too) and generally be more social, which is hard to do when you are sitting at a computer more than you should be.

It's been a good run, and I hope you all had as much fun as I did.

So I bid you all farewell, and I will hopefully see you somewhere other than the internets. A toast to you guys!

Don't worry, I will still post more than my friend Nimit


  1. I'm not happy about this. Nobody says you have to update your blog every single day. Even once or twice a week would suffice. To say you are "too busy" now to update your blog really means that things like reading web comics and playing guitar hero are more of a priority then updating your friends with your thoughts on life. I'm dissapointed.

  2. John, it's been almost a month since I last posted. I literally forgot to write. If you want similar content (with less commentary) just read my shares on FB.

    I've spent WAY too much time on the internet lately, and I want to get away from that. It was fun when I had no one to hang out with my last semester of school, but now I have stuff to do and I don't need the stupid internet getting in the way of that. Plus, like I said, I want to make more, real music. I'm learning bass these days, and I've been playing either bass/guitar/drums for hours a day lately. That, and I want to spend more time with Jackie.

    I sure hope those are good enough reasons. I think so.

  3. Well, we shall miss you. I am sorry the Internet isn't good enough for you anymore.

  4. Bleh, geeks don't have girlfriends, booger

  5. i was just starting to enjoy viewing your blog site after tumbling upon the google search engine result of Mae's Everglow album review in your site. And now, I read this post of yours! So sad. I hope you can still post the usual stuff found in your previous entries especially MUSIC!!!

    ROCK ON!!! i..i,

  6. andrews a noob...