March 20, 2008

Splenda sucks balls

In other news, Splenda/Nutri-Sweet are gross. Companies need to stop putting them in everything and my parents need to stop buying products that contain these crappy sweeteners. They take all the fun out of the yummy juice I am drinking. I'm convinced that if I was to develop cancer of the mouth, this is what it would taste like.

March 19, 2008

New Death Cab

There is a new single on iTunes from Death Cab for Cutie. Should I be excited, or are they losing it?

March 18, 2008

Life is (mostly) good.

A lot of people think of blogs as virtual soapboxes, where bloggers complain about the world and life. I'll admit that I fall into that category sometimes. But today I would just like to say that life is good. I don't mean to brag or boast, but I wanted to make sure that I blog about the good things in life too.

My life lately has been great. Every weekend I've got something to do, and I get to see my friends all the time. It's not like my last semester at ISU. I've got a good job, and I'm no longer broke. My iPhone is awesome. LAst Saturday I got to be a delegate and vote on DFL stuff, plus run for Ashwin Madia. Though I live at home right now, I can play my drums anytime I want and I get free meals on a regular basis. I get to wear what I want to work. I will be buying a new car before summer starts (thank God). It's getting warm out again.

This past weekend my friend Ian and I went condo shopping and found two great ones in Uptown. If we get the one we want, we'll be only 4 blocks from Lake Calhoun and 5 blocks from the center of Uptown. That's definitely within stumbling distance. ;) I'm super excited!

Despite all that, I still feel like something is missing. I'm a hopeless romantic, so I really feel vaguely lonely all the time. At least I don't have no one, but all the girl(s) I want to date aren't even in the state. I'm looking to remedy this soon.

So there. I've done my part to show that the world doesn't suck.


P.S. I wanna know what you guys are excited about these days. Comment people!

♫ Current Track - Red Hair by the Weasel King

March 17, 2008

What is your favorite curse word?

I found this video today, and it made me smile. The BBC asked a bunch of celebrities what their favorite curse word was. Mine, in case you were wondering, happens to be cunt (sometimes cunt-monkey).

I also found Natalie Portman's fav.

What is YOUR favorite?

Radiohead remix

Another great song brought to you by thesixtyone.

Props to you, Dancing Walrus